Cleaning silver or gold metal

Light cleaning. For a basic clean, I suggest:

Mix a small amount mild dish soap with warm water in a small bowl.

Submerge your jewelry.

Use a cloth to scrub your jewelry under the water. NOTE: it is important to remember not to clean your jewelry for more than 10 minutes.

Once you’re finished, use a lint-free towel to dry your piece.

Try to perform a light cleaning on your jewelry at least once a month. This will keep it nice and shiny!

 How I clean my own jewelry

Polishing cloths such as quality shammies (chamois) are fantastic.

I use only the dry shammy side to both clean—and—polish my jewelry whether it is silver or gold plated. Try it; you'll see that it works! 

Helpful tips for jewelry care

To keep your jewelry in the best condition possibly, always store it in a cool, dry spot as humidity encourages tarnishing.

1. Avoid using polishes and jewelry cleaners (that aren’t specifically recommended for silver plated jewelry) as they are too harsh and can scratch your pieces.

2. Always take your jewelry off while bathing, swimming and doing household work such as cleaning as these chemicals can cause corrosion.

3. Don't spray perfume on your neck while wearing any necklace (or bracelet either)!

4. Sunscreen is good for sun protection but not for jewelry

5. Despite reading "quick tricks" on the internet or that you've heard from a friend... do not apply toothpaste as a quick fix. It too is abrasive and will likely scratch the silver.

6. Taking great care of your jewelry—including regular cleaning—is vital to its longevity.

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